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Available Services

I offer both in-person and telehealth services; telehealth services are available to clients in 39 states, with the added convenience and safety of remote access.

Map of PsyPact States

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is worrying about what was or what will be. We live in a culture that can perpetuate stressful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Anxiety is a given of human existence, but excessive amounts can deplete and hinder overall wellness. Once you understand and have awareness into what creates your anxiety, you can be better equipped to make healthy, conscious choices by learning skills and mindfulness strategies to decrease and contain anxious feelings. Depression is a mood disorder that creates persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in daily activities for at least two weeks and can interrupt several domains of life. Many individuals often experience difficulties with falling sleep, eating, energy, concentration, or self-worth. Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand, and mental health treatment can be tailored to address both.


The body has a way of responding to trauma, which refers to highly stressful events. If you’ve been affected by trauma that’s happened to you or someone else, you might have had flashbacks, nightmares, or other problems that affect your quality of life.

Grief & Loss

Pain from grief and loss can affect all your being and can leave you feeling indescribable heaviness and dread. You might feel dulled or that your mind is clouded with a sense of emptiness, but your emotions are a mix of anger, sadness, confusion, and yearning. Releasing grief does not mean forgetting someone or something that was important to you but can help you connect with a sense of meaning, purpose, and direction to regain hope and to find moments of joy again.

Life Changes

Life changes quickly and it can be difficult to adjust to scenarios like divorce, career changes, children leaving for college, moving away, losing a physical ability...the list can go on. Many changes feel like a loss in your life and it's okay to grieve. While it might feel impossible now, the changes we experience can shape who we become and finding meaning in your experiences .

Empowerment & Self-Confidence

A healthy level of self-confidence allows you to handle life’s setbacks and contributes to an overall positive outlook and low self-confidence might hold you back and impact relationships. Together we will explore your strengths and growth edges and increase your feelings of empowerment and self-awareness to confidently make changes within your life.

Stress & Burnout

Work (and school) can be meaningful and rewarding for most individuals, but it can become stressful and overwhelming for others. Untreated work or school stress can result in relationship concerns, physical complications, burnout, and depression.

Family Concerns

Family counseling is a space to focus on specific conflicts and improve overall family dynamics with targeted interventions. Sometimes the parent and child relationship is strained or the family unit can be challenged by divorce, illness, and financial concerns. Therapy can be a safe space to learn new ways to express feelings, actively listen, and understand different perspectives. Within this space, we will use role-play, and reflective exercises, and create an environment for open dialogue to improve the quality of the family’s communication.

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